April 15th, 2003



Webpage isn't doing what I want. Tired. Coffee made me jittery without waking me up. Boring stuff at work. *sulksulksulk*

Really suffering drawing itch. *Really* lusting for tablet. Feel guilty for feeling grumpy because it's all just stupid, silly, little stuff.




Just journal-ing...

Working late. Just ordered Italian. *grin*

Making a mixed CD for Becca. Deciding what to put on it is tough, seeing as I don't know her at all, but I think I've got a fun mix of discs to pull from. Definitely Kidney in a Cooler... Would love to put on Lay Down (Meredith Brooks), but the CD pops up with just one track. Bastard. I'll have to play with it a bit, because it's really the only song I like off that disc, and I want to sell it back to Matt.

Fussed uselessly with the site a bit today and must now lean on Jennie's wisdom to straighten me out. :P

Also got a bunch of drafting done. *twirls finger* Whee.

Finished that darn Sparks article that's been hanging over my head for over a year now.

Spent some time with my sweetie before coming back to work. Nice time. I'm so lucky. *sappy smiles*

Will probably miss 24 tonight, darn it. I don't think I'll work late tomorrow night. Need to do some EMG stuff. Out of bookmarks for an order. Rargh!! Think I've sold entirely out of Lim's T-shirts in Mediums now, too.

Complete sentences for wusses.


Sat down and whipped off a two and half page article for Woodworks on Scams and Spams. How come this never happens during Grindstone on stuff I *want* to work on?!?! Rotten muse.