March 30th, 2003



Jake's got tomorrow off, the stinker. It's Seward's Day, in honor of Alaska being bought from Russia, and he's a state worker. I get to go to work and draft plans for projects that probably won't go out on time. The joy.

Northern lights were out the other night for an amazing show. Wish I'd had a way to get a decent picture. They were brilliant, and dancing, spread across most of the sky. We could watch them from the windows, and once the porch light had timed out, they were bright enough to provide a surprising amount of eerie light.

Crashed and burned on Grindstone. Again. Have more art to update EMG with (still have to figure out how to get those Mac files off Matthew's disc). Can't bring myself to care tonight. I'll write a pep talk for myself tomorrow.

Got three orders out, and a load of laundry finished at my parents' house, so I'm moderately pleased with myself. I also surprised the parental units by buying them a shower curtain with penguins and hanging it up in the bathroom. Their shower curtain was getting a little dingy, and they, being cheaper even than I, wouldn't replace it until it was actually non-functional. I found a wonderful penguin and mountain thing at Fred Meyers and bought it on the spot. It was less than $10, and the expression on Mom's face when she discovered it was priceless. :) Dad liked it, too, and he's a tough cookie when it comes to home decor.

Had some very nice husband and cat time today. Jake swears the most common line I give Velcro is 'Don't eat the box!' She really enjoys eating boxes. Goof.

Hair is fading; I'm only a strawberry blonde already. And once again, I took no photos of it during the copper phase.

Had my mandatory Social Time. IE; gaming, which I want to back out on every week because I'm stupidly shy and antisocial and having fun makes me feel guilty because I ought to be working or something. But I always have a blast, and I *know* it's good for me to interact with people in RL. Besides, who can refuse an excuse to order chinese food and doodle?

That was my fascinating day.