March 17th, 2003


English is not my friend

Neither are computers, today... ugh! Trying to upload webpage updates and having Issues with some of the files. Made some jpg thumbnails that are somehow much smaller than I remember sizing them, and show up only as broken links. Huh? And of course, the originals are back at my parents house, while I'm working on Jake's new computer at home. I walked dad through re-uploading them to my server, and that didn't work, so somehow I managed to booger up making the thumbnails originally. Crap. Have to install Photoshop here; I've got the original files on disc here, so I can just remake them. Just not what I wanted to be doing. Did I mention ugh? Also having to reload some big tifs, but that's at least something my computer can do while I'm off figuring out what I want to offer on mousepads and what to abbreviate 'Angelically Challenged' to in eight letters or less.

Five minute break over, back to work...