March 10th, 2003


Have I explained , lately, how much you people mean to me?

I am not a particularly good friend. I would rather chew off my own foot than make a phonecall. I have to force myself to socialize, even when I know I'd actually have fun. I don't always comment on your live-journal entries, even when you're feeling down, or have a problem. I don't comment at your galleries, even when I like your work or it touches me somehow. I don't take the time to hunt up those people who fall out of my immediate circle of interests, even when those people are dear and special to me. I don't answer all of the wonderful, friendly, chatty emails that brighten my day, though I do make some effort on that front. I'm scum of the earth in terms of my poor abandoned penpals.

But you're important to me! I come by lj several times a day, and read with rapt interest… I love the glimpses of your lives, and the parade of writing and art. I am more than a little awed by the amount of talent and beauty and strength of spirit that you have, and I have to say that you people give me a taste of hope for the future of humanity. I love seeing people at their most depressed and at their most joyous, and at their most vulnerable.

I am so grateful to the comments you leave me, and the support and admiration you show me really keep me going. You have no idea how helpful and wonderful and inspiring you people are. You mean the world to me.

One of my writing goals is to write, however brief, something in honor of everyone who has meant something important to me, hopefully one blurb every week or two. I have a lot of people to get through…