February 19th, 2003


Just stuff

I found this snippet in an old file of rambly stuff: Maybe dragging myself out of the seat of a car with a broken back and a concussion has jaded me.

It occurred to me this morning that if October of this year marks ten years in business, August of this year marks ten years since that car accident. The thought wasn't entirely out of the blue; my back is killing me today, having fallen poorly yesterday. I also went swimming, and the stretching and soaking helped quite a bit… I think I'd be much worse off if I hadn't gotten the exercise as well.

Tired today, though I slept in a log-like fashion.

500 words on Grindstone so far today. Also have put in about 250 words on May's horoscopes, but I don't think that counts.

Ellen whines...

I need more art time. I'm not improving! And who would, without practice? It's beginning to drive me a little batty. I get so frustrated watching people improve and improve around me, and know that I could be better than I am, if I only had the *time.* Damn day job. Damn house. Damn business. I spend far more time on other peoples' art that I do on my own these days.

I have salved my bitter jealousy a tad by buying more art supplies. Portable stuff that I hope I can use without much fuss or setup: one poseable wooden model (8"), one pad of miscellaneous tinted paper and one white pencil for highlighting on aforementioned pad. I went $1.27 over my $25 gift certificate. (Not bad for an Ellen unleashed in an art store.)

I am so croning for a series of computer toys. I want a digital camera. I want a tablet. And I want a Palm with full-sized keyboard so that I can write on the go. I'd prefer art time, mind you, but I would settle for toys. Ideally, I'd get toys and time. Really ideally, I'd get toys and time and a lot of money and slave boys to do my bidding. Realistically, I may get an hour tonight while I try to tune out the TV.