February 17th, 2003


List for the Day

[x] Contracts to new artists, five total. Also, selection of new work, which is hair-pulling at best.
[x] Update old webpage with links to new webpage, purged out space-hogging art files.
[ ] Update and re-mail contracts to existing artists. Not likely to happen today.
[x] Email to existing artists warning them of new contract, asking for new work.
[x] Finish printing RWH calendars. Only a few more months to go.
[x] Bind and package RWH calendars. Remember to punch hang-holes.
[x] Email to Fred regarding custom card order
[x] Fill orders (two down... one to go)
[x] Order canvas and paper
[ ] Grindstone writing. (As yet, unstarted... gah...)
[x] Eat.
[ ] Taxes.
[x] Feel sorry for myself.