January 7th, 2003


And Dried Cherries

Vapor barrier is done downstairs, finally. I hate Tremco. When it sticks to insulation, it's exactly as you'd imagine the cotton candy in hell to be, if you were inclined to imagine such a thing. Sticky, stinky, itchy, stringy and black as sin, but kind of puffy and sweetly soft looking.

Wrestled new loveseat (double recliner!!) up the stairs, and am paying for it today. But I'll finally have a comfortable place to sit and my back will be grateful. We've been making do with cheap plastic white chairs. You know the type… $4.49 at Freddies. (*Thumbs nose in Ursula's direction*… we actually have two Fred Meyers in town, and both of them are the super spiffy versions with groceries. Sadly, that does make up 2/5ths of our grocery stores.)

It's cold today, I've heard 30 or 35 below, and it's supposed to be down around 45 below tonight. (That's -34, -37 and -43 C, respectively) I'm so glad we got the monitor installed last week and we don't have to try to stay warm with just the woodstove. Go monitor!

Otherwise, feeling more than a little down… sore all over (caulk wrist, and couch back, and tremco shoulders, and snow shoveling knees…), lost money woes, loan woes, can't seem to find time to do anything I want to, let alone the heap of things I need to (like paying artists… ugh…). Stressed. Need 'me' time. Not likely to get it. And darn it, my dried cherries have gotten all tough and chewy.