December 15th, 2002


Because I cannot sleep in this house while my parents are upstairs walking around, I have gotten an awful lot of work done while 'down' with the strep junk.

I have printed all of the RWH calendars except the glossy/matte ones. They may actually get them before 2003!!

I have written over 50 emails in the past two days responding to things as old as Sept 01 in my inbox. I have sorted, deleted and dealt with over 200 messages that were clogging up my inbox. I am nowhere near conquering it, but I still feel roughly victorious.

I have finished packaging three orders.

I have updated my webpage with about 7 minor edits and changes.

I still have to do bills. Ugh.

I have also managed many, many short naps while the parents are away and the house is quiet, and am feeling much better.

There's my news. I'm way behind an everything, and cheerfully aware of it. :)