November 15th, 2002


I have corn nuts. :)

Things can't be too bad if I have corn nuts, right?

Woodstove is in! Inspection is done, with only two bits of bad news, and one of them is a serious pain in our respective asses (we have to replace a window) and one of them we have no intension of fixing, so screw them. (And it's fine, really, as long as we aren't going for an AHFC morgage)

Inspiration is dry, which probably has a lot to do with not having more than ten minutes at any given to write. Got to doodle a bit yesterday, and maybe will have time tomorrow at gaming. (My single dose of non-work, non-family interaction)

Jake's got a nasty cold that I think I may be getting. Damn him anyway.

Blah! I say again, Blah!!

Photos coming.
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