November 8th, 2002

sleepy, dreamstate


Weee... earthquakes are better than coffee. Just had another shaker, rattled the building a little and shook up the plants. (Chris estimated 4.2, we'll see if he was close) I've heard from only moderately disreputable sources that we're due for a really big one, that our paltry 7.9 was only a precurser to a larger one we're overdue for. I'm a skeptic. There have been more than 170 aftershocks since the main earthquake on Sunday, but I've only felt two of them.

New work up at my Elfwood Gallery.

Tired. Adreneline doesn't last as long as coffee. *yawn* Easy day at work today, much time for writing, I hope.
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More Earthquakes!

Now Jake and Susan are in the 'we're gunna get hammered' camp. Had another one at about 4:15 this afternoon, a 4.1. There have been about 50 in the state so far today, and Jake says the trend is that they're getting stronger.

I think I want fritos.

The two above paragraphs are not related.