November 4th, 2002



Any of you hear about it? I hear they felt it all the way down in New Orleans, and we're still getting aftershocks. :) It was a 7.9, about 80 miles south.

I was at a bazaar (a shopper, actually, not a vendor, for once), and it was pretty exciting... things falling off the displays, people yelling and running for the entrance. It was a really *long* quake, I've heard it lasted 3 minutes.

Nothing damaged at our house, or my parents. Some things fell off the bathroom shelves at my friend Melody's house. Pipeline fell off of its supports in one spot... no surprise. It's designed for longitudinal shaking, not 12-18" drops. (No oil spill, I think, but it's closed for the day at least.) Highway's closed in two directions, and I saw some pictures of the damage. Some guy in Healy (closer to the center) was working in a machine shop and said his anvil started skipping across the room.

Very exciting stuff. I love natural disasters where nobody gets hurt.