June 10th, 2002


Another Dream I Intend to Turn Into Reality

I want to do a Con Tour. A whole year, every major convention in the US and Canada, me and Jake in some rusty old van driving from city to city. Jennie I shall chain to my desk at home so that she can mail me anything I run out of and manage all the orders that come in meanwhile. (And feed my cat... you're not allergic to cats, are you, Jennie?)

I want to stop and see everyone that I can, and drag them to touristy places in their own cities that they've never been to, and eat exotic food and marvel at the public toilets that flush. I want to go to concerts while I'm where concerts happen. I want to see a Widespread Panic concert, and a String Cheese Incident, and I want to spend a week in the Smithsonian. I want to drool in art museums. We don't have any art museums here. I want to go to zoos. I love zoos! Fairbanks has no zoo. :(

I want to take Larry Elmore up on his offer to visit his studio. I want to see Lew Hartman again, and persuade him to show me painting tricks. I want to rub elbows with high uppity-ups and stop and paint at every possible opportunity. I want to see the Grand Canyon and Arches Nt'l park. I want to see if Ursula is half as kooky in real life as she is in cyber-space. I want to see everyone's sketchbooks... the pages and pages and pages of things that aren't worth scanning and may never be finished.

I want to see what freeways are like. I want to get stuck in rush hour in Austen. I want to stand in the rain on the beaches of Oregon. I want to see the leaves turn in New England. I want to lie on my back and watch clouds from the top of a skyscraper. I want to wear costumes at conventions. I want to...

I want an awful lot of things. Time to get busy...
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