May 30th, 2002


Things owed

Ciri, I'm still working on that Creative Spark Article. A word a day, or so? Ugh.

I have horoscopes for July onwards to finish for Woodworks.

I owe Vicki an article for EEO. Or two. And maybe more art.

I need to finish Cindy II's Ask Lovemaker.

Do I owe any other writing or art to anyone? I'm trying to get caught up. Desperately.
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Can you tell it's been a slow day at work?

I re-wrote this survey because I found the original a little long, it didn't answer all the questions I really wanted to know and had a number I found frivolous. I appreciate honesty and criticism. You people give me plenty of un-asked-for warm-fuzzies, so don't feel like you have to butter me up. :P I'll answer this, or the original version, for anyone who asks.

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