May 14th, 2002



Rotten, stupid, frail body.

Dratted, weak-minded, foolish self-pity.

I have no idea what I've done, but my back hurts bad enough I lost hours of sleep last night, and am now exhausted and aching, and two Aleve have done nothing, and I'm tired and grumpy and mired in useless self-pity.

I did get a whole stack of catalogs (40, actually) addressed and ready to mail today, and an order out, before I sat down to watch Dinotopia. I *love* the first book, and want to get the others, and the artist (whose name I can NEVER remember) is one of my idols and I want to do something that cool some day, and paint that well. The 'mega'series is pretty cool, actually... the dinasours aren't too cutesy, which I had feared, and, though Disney-fied, I'm not grossed out by the plot and characters. Some of the shots are magnificent. Must NOT find on-line fanclub to suck away more of my creative energy... Will not look for one... will not... must not... Must finish novel... must finish other projects... must be good... have soooo much to learn...
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