April 25th, 2002


Usual rambles

Got about half the RWH calendar layout finished last night, FINALLY. It's really nice to have my desk cleaned off so that I have workspace, I'll say that for sure. Of course, instead of having lots of little piles and a sea of paperwork, I have one great big, daunting pile of things to accomplish. But I think I like that better than having no deskspace.

I *will* get all of the RWH stuff finished this week/weekend. That's my over-riding goal. It will be such a weight off of my shoulders. I don't think I'll ever do a project of the magnitude of the tarot cards again... not until I'm senile and can't remember how much work this has been!!

I did figure out how to run action scripts in Photoshop, which has helped my productivity enormously. What a thoroughly useful feature! I used it to make my web images from my print files. I may have to play with some other vb scripts; they're easier to write than I thought, and will save me some use. Maybe I can figure out a way to auto-migrate my emails orders into a database... Hmmm.... So many time-saving things I could do that just require a time investment. Which I don't have at the moment, so I'll continue to muddle through.

I want to take the time to put together a Wyvern's Library shelf. I'm also thinking about putting together a page of my fanfic. My writing has improved drastically in the last year or two, in my humble opinion. Of course, that's probably mostly due to actually *writing*.

I remember quite clearly when I gave up on writing, for good, I thought. A visiting friend picked up and read a brief piece I'd written and was working on illustrations for. I was in bed, off in the loft barely within hearing range, and this friend and Jake both thought I was asleep. Jake had no idea I'd written this piece, and when the friend asked about it, told him that it was something someone else had written that I was only illustrating. "It's awful," the friend said. "I mean *really* bad." Well, talk about an unbiased opinion. Ouch. I didn't write anything for about a year after that.

It was the truth though, and I think I'm glad I overheard that. It certainly allowed me to look more critically at my own work. My skin has thickened an awful lot since then.

I'm glad I've started up again, though... I really enjoy writing, and I think I have potential. It's worth exploring, anyway, and it's a pile of fun.

This ramble brought to you by AutoCAD batchplot... *goes to check the output*
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