April 23rd, 2002


Playing Catch-Up

I've got TONS to do, but the weekend off was soooo nice. I read three novels, floated for hours in the hot pools outside with snowflakes in my eyelashes, painted 2 oil paintings, start to finish, started 3 stories, did 2 sketches, and slept, and ate. It was fantabulous!!! I even had enough energy to clean the whole house when I got back on Sunday. I found my desk!

This week:

+Finish steel bridge team art. Pro bono, due yesterday.

+Finish printing RWH calendars and tarot cards.

+Finish filling orders (about 6 of them left...)

+Write how-to about drawings for Jennie.

I'll be happy with that.

I liked the oil paintings I did: one was a portrait, one was non-representational, which I don't usually do or like. When they dry, I'll scan them.
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