March 21st, 2002



Oooh... get to go see a proof of the catalog in 2 hours. Yay! Getting 1500 copies this time around; twice as many as last year, but it'll need to cover a longer time period, and a MUCH larger mailing list, and I ran out last year. Should do a cost-analysis and decide if it's worth doing a catalog again. I'll see what happens with orders once I've done this big mail-out. Trying to decide what kind of special deal I want to give by way of apology for the loooong delay on getting this catalog out. Maybe a free mystery pack of cards after $20. Maybe. Suggestions welcome.

Crap; forgot to bring in orders this morning. Must make an extra trip into town tonight before 9, because I promised a customer her order would go out today. Rats.

Got a huge heap of used clothing from someone Jake works with. I love hand-me-downs. There was an awesome pair of fringed leather gloves in the mix, and a so-seventies hooded, long brown sweater with flared sleeves. It's really quite me. :P Made me realize that I haven't bought new clothing (except socks) in about 4 years. Isn't that terrible?! My mother makes my underwear! *giggle* She's a fabulous seamstress, and she's got the *best* sense of humor, so every birthday and Christmas, I end up with a few pairs of undies with frogs or dinosaurs or teddy bears or something just fun, and they FIT, and they wear well, and they're just the coolest, and I'd do anything to avoid shopping for underwear.

Went for a walk with my Dad and their dogs last night; Mom's out of town to deal with my grandmother's stroke, and Dad is starved for company at the best of times. He's shy like I am, and has basically no friends, though the few people who actually *know* him like him. He's... erm... gruff-seeming. At best. And he has such a quirky, wonderful, hard-to-see sense of humor. Neither of my sisters really knows him, I fear.

I soooo want to buy a digital camera. Must be good, though, having spent more than I planned to buying a new printer. No way am I going through the hassle of depreciating this printer on my taxes. The life expectancy of these things is not more than a year anyway. Also, probably won't have funds for a digital camera until I get some returns from the catalog.

My favorite daydream right now is having space. You know, more than three feet of closet space. Having a spot for my mousepads that doesn't have me concerned about rodents in the cellar. Having the T-shirts on shelves such that I can see what I have in stock readily, not three heavy boxes stacked precariously in the sauna cabin that I can't (okay, shouldn't but do anyway) try to lift when my back's flared up. Having a studio *big wistful sigh*, with workspace, and windows, and flat storage and bookshelves. I miss my books. They're all in boxes right now. Oh, not all; I have about two feet of shelf space at home, and about two feet of tech books at work (that ME reference was soooo worth $95). Which is only about 10% of my books. Some of them are really cool books, too, including some signed hardcopies, and rare old books. I *miss* my books.

Anywho, rather long, rambly post.
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Gah.... Wyvern's rants

Now I remember why I hate browsing Wyverns.

Heaps of angsty, poorly-written poetry. Too lazy to find the gems in the heaps. Not fond enough of poetry to try.

Plenty of stories with NO FANTASY OR SCI FI. Even some good stories.

Beginnings. No flesh, no meat, just enough of a hook to get my hopes up then... cripes, finish it or don't post it!! Or at least mention that in the description so I don't waste my time.

Superpeople. Not that I have anything against superpeople, but egads, aren't they overdone already? Give your character some flaws, neh? Or give a *reason* that they're superpeople. A believable reason, and please not the 'my-whole-family-was-slaughtered-so-now-I'm-the-best-fighter-ever.' Ursula Vernon pulled that off. Mercedes Lackey pulled it off. Writers since the beginning of time have pulled it off. The first twenty-billion times I read that opening, I might have believed it, but REALLY. Be creative! And enough with the unbelievably cruel parents/adoptive aunt and uncle. It hardly worked for the Grimm brothers. It was the weakest point of Harry Potter.

Ugh. I started a few stories, and gave up in disgust. Maybe I'll try Woodworks recommendations. I'm still recovering from my dose of blech.

Ahem. I should mention that I'm NOT trying to bash anyone, just voicing my complaints, and I'm LOOKING for something to read, so if you have something (that preferably doesn't fall into the above gripes), point me towards it! I feel commenty.
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On a nicer note

My catalog looks *awesome* and will be ready to pick up tomorrow morning. If I hadn't been sick this week, I'd take the day off and get them mailed off. It probably will take a whole day, and I can already feel my hands cramping.

I'm such a wuss... I already feel bad for posting that Wyvern's Library rant. There *is* lots of good stuff there, really, and I don't mean to be complainy.
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