March 11th, 2002



Done today:

+Packaged and filled three orders. Three more to do.

+Disassembled, cleaned, reassembled printer, still doesn't work. Called shop, will be bringing it in this afternoon.

+Counted two of the three boxes of T-shirts. Out of Steph's design in Small ash, Medium black and large black. Not sure about Pek-Leng's design; my fingers got too cold to finish counting the third box. Considering advertising the T-shirts as 'kept frozen for freshness.' :P

+Dropped off Mythology coloring book for another printrun. Sold out already!

Still to do:

-update webpage with sold-out t-shirts

-email the EMG list about poll on ezboard, catalog status and sold out t-shirts

-Finish another three or four orders

-Pick up coloring books

-Drop of *&%^$ printer at the shop. Pay $37.50 and decide if he can fix it, or if I have to order another one. At least EMG has the money for it.

-Finish catalog? I doubt it.

-Pick up swim bag and letter for signature guarantee for insurance company from work.

-Go to bank, get signature guarantee, deposit checks.

-Pick up Jake, go swimming.

-Go to PO, mail packages, turn in package slip (my coffee finally?!)

-DO NOT LET MIND GO OFF ON TANGENTS. Stay focused, keep alert, remember to eat.
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Holy Fritos, Batman!!

I'm down to one half of one page left to do on the catalog. I whipped out 7 of those suckers this afternoon! Now I have to grab a bite to eat and do my running around and I think I will have done everything on my list. I need a pat on the back!
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