January 26th, 2002


Sun through Icefog

What a nice morning!

I turned off the alarm when it went off at 9 this morning, cuddled with my sweetie until about 10, got up, turned up the heat, took a long, hot shower, had coffee (good fresh-roast whole bean stuff, not that crap that comes in a can) and a hard-boiled egg, sat in front of the heater with my cat while I dried off, and was victorious in battle with a 150 foot extension cord.

It was cold out, -26 F (close to -29 C, I think), and foggy, with glorious sun shots through the woods, and it was soooo nice being able to be outside in sunlight again! I've been stuck in the office during all (meager at best) daylight hours for the past 3 weeks, so it was almost like being recharged. I feel so much better about everything today.

Lightmare: I'm fairly serious about that job opportunity... drop me a line and we'll plot. :P

Jessibean: I have fan art for Lilywater if I can get it scanned in. :)

Ciri: Get back to me about the Keeping the Creative juices going article and let me know how you want to split it up.

Mirar, Tarlia: Let's form a support groups for people who agree to do too much. We can host a webpage, and run a newsletter and an e-mail list and have a convention and produce fundraising products and... :P
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