July 10th, 2001


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My back was killing me last night. Jake and I went out on our land anyway, and measured our house-spot (have to take down a few more trees than we thought), and decided on a direction for the driveway. It's an iterative proccess, so we'll be looking at it again tonight to see if we still like it. I wore my backbrace, but was still plenty glad to come home and collapse.

I didn't get much done the rest of the night; I have a pile of emails to deal with, and only got one answered. I took some Aleve and drew for a while, until Jake told me I looked really uncomfortable and took my sketchbook away. We played gin for a while (he beat the socks off of me), and talked about house related things. We sat for a while on the back porch, too. It's finally sunny again! I was so afraid it was going to be a nasty rainy summer like last year, when all of our potatoes were small and stunted and seeing patches of blue sky was an occasion to mark on the calendar. Usually we have such lovely summers; blue skies, warm weather, afternoon thundershowers and almost no humidity. There's a smell the woods gets... this warm, green, fruity smell like nowhere else I've ever been that was missing all of last year, and yesterday, finally, I smelled it again.
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The Next Domino

I'm a little crushed by the 'fall of #loth' It seems like I just met really neat people there, and they're all deserting. Just when I get IRC figured out. Maybe they're allergic to me. I can't help but wonder if I'm partly to blame. Was I one of the dreaded-newbies? I don't *think* I ever hassled an op... that's just not my style. Besides which, I *liked* the ops. Some of them I'd known through other outlets, some of them I was just beginning to know. I hope that it there's a replacement channel somewhere, I can find out about it.
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Damn the Corporate Giants

My webhost was bought out by ACS. (Alaska Communication System) I hate ACS. They bought out Fairbanks' telephone systems a couple of years ago. I wrote this letter to my host (Mosquitonet):

Dear MosquitoNet Staff,

I just heard that ACS bought you out. I have to say that I am truely disappointed about this new wrinkle. You've hosted my webpage for some time now, and the thing I valued most about your service was being able to call you up and ask you strange, sometimes stupid and usually really specific questions. Have you ever tried to get customer service from ACS? My cat knows more about computer problems than they do. They keep me on hold until I'm ready to throw my phone out the window and then transfer me around to a lot of people who have nothing to do with my problem until I get frustrated and hang up.

I have received a huge load of assistance from your staff, and I've appreciated it more than I can express! I went with your services originally because you were local, stayed with you (even when you were twice or three times as expensive as the dollar dotcoms) because the service was unbelievable. I could call you guys up and you'd go look at my cgi script and tell me, 'oh you need to edit this...' You deleted monstrous attachments that someone had sent me that were taking two hours to download. You remembered me when I called back the same day. I'm not expecting that from ACS.

I'm not impressed by ACS's 'spiffy new services,' particularly since I was never a dial-up customer and none of these new services apply to hosting, and I'm not expecting the transition to be seamless. (You're fooling, right?)

Let me say thank you. You guys were great. I hope they paid you a huge wheelbarrow of money.

Shopping for a new webhost,

Ellen Million
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