Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Weekend report and too much to do...

Oy. I'm not ready for Monday OR February...

Artist submissions are once again open, have tweaked system thanks to Jennie's cleverness to something even *easier* to deal with. Half-dreading influx of submissions. I haven't caught up with everything in my update queue. :/ Though I have, finally, caught up with the submissions queue. Off to delete old preview files from the server now. Then, adding card services, changing card packages pricing (probably the last day you can save $3 on a pack of cards, hinthint), and updating the artist guidelines pages.

Then, shopping cart for The Project, and *that's* about ready to go...

Inbox is big and scary again, but I did weed through and set up new artists at the submissions engine and clean up some older queries, etc. Four pages worth to go.

This weekend rocked! I got art time! And loot! And music! And Shopping fun!

We had a gaming gift exchange, late for Christmas, and I was very pleased with the gifts I managed to find for people. I had help; I ran into Mia and Karen at Michaels while I was getting art supplies for Donnie and they gave me good ideas for the guys and let me go in on a book set for Brad. :P

Mia made me a gorgeous silver-wrapped agate pendant with smoky quartz beads, Tom and Karen got me the most beautiful sketchbook I've ever seen, with amazing marbled exterior and interior covers, a leather-like spine with metallic blue symbols, and gilt edged pages. The paper is acid-free, a little bit off-white, and worked fine with the test-picture I started sketching. And a gift certificate to Michaels! Yay! And I got Pirates of the Caribean on DVD. Woot!

I added dots to the unicorn hatching picture, and sketched a Torn World doodle in the new sketchpad for art time. Finishing the color on the Woodworks Feb cover is my next major art hurdle. I need to iron the pages.

Went to a concert Saturday night with my love. It was fantastic; Copland, Mozart and Beethoven's 6th. Ahhh.... And Jake wore his new Bomber coat and looked most yummy. We went out for Thai food at Lemongrass first, and made a regular date out of it.

Okay, too much to do to rattle on so long...

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