Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Afternoon 'off.'

My leg is falling asleep because pushy Alexis has taken residence on it. I am apparently only on this earth to pet her. I am forced to update my LJ rather than getting up and loading paper in the printer. She's a sweetheart... even more affectionate than Velcro.

I am at 15 on The Project. Haha!! We're reaaaaally close to launching, I think. I just need to sit and give a think to the payment page, work on the certificate and edit the FAQ. Yeah! Wish I had more in color... and I really, really need a fresh splash page for the very front. It honestly doesn't do justice to the store.

Wish3 is in my hands, ready to mail out. T-shirt and two mousepads pressed, and I will be able to remove ALL orders from the queue this afternoon. How cool is that?! Yee-haw! Haven't been able to do that since about the 1st, I think.

Freaking-a... I've gotten a lot of copies of that latest virus. And as a note, if you ever send me an email with the subject 'hi' or 'test,' chances are good that it will get circular filed, even before this round of spammy-mcvirus.

Printing some cards, crossing some things off my list, it's only *2:15!!!* I'm so pleased! I can work on the RWH tarot until about 5, go home and art-art-art! Okay, so really I'll clean for a while, then dinner, then clean more, then art, but hey, there's art in there SOMEWHERE. I'm happy.

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