Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My to-do lists would do a great deal more good if I actually read them once in a while...

*rolls eyes*

Get the afternoon off because our head architect is sick today (and was yesterday), and therefore all the projects due Monday will be in high panic mode starting tomorrow. They've already made noises about working this weekend. *mutter* I may put my foot down and say NO. I want to finish the RWH tarot, and I need arttime, and my paycheck is not super crucial. Overtime is nice, but there's a limit to my patience. The last three weeks have been work-panic-mode, and I worked like a dog while I was sick last week. There is a point at which I say, enough. It's a very extreme point, 'cause I'm a big fuzzy pushover, but it's still a point!

We'll see.

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