Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

About ready to art...

Just need a little more food, a trip to the great out doors to use the outhouse, and some courage. I want to do a purple sky, but I'm just befuddled over how to do yellow shadows. I mean, honestly, the theory rattles around in my head, but I have not idea how to translate that into paint on a page. Yellow? It's a weak, wimpy color that I only use to mix greens. How do you make a shadow out of a color that is all limp and weenie like that? Blue shadows are easy, but I can't imagine painting a yellow sky. It's so... wrong. Color just escapes me. I'm so rotten at it. Sure, I read what I can about it, but none of it seems to hold any weight when I'm sitting at the drafting table with a pallette. Sky is blue, shadows are grey, skin is peach, grass is green, mountains are purple, and any attempt to deviate from that on my part results in mud. Pure, ugly, smelly mud. I stare at work done by people who have a grasp of this stuff in envy and befuddlement.


Just go do it, Ellen. Won't be easy, and I'll probably hate it at least a little, but that's how ya learn. Ra ra...

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