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Things accomplished

Pages 18, 19 and 20 of the catalog - done!

Special order - all but the last print done... must turn off and disable everything on the computer to get it out, and it'll be agonizingly slow, so I'm going to finish everything else first.

Orders - almost finished

Lynne's commission - rolled and packaged to mail

Desk - found!

Pizza wheels - removed from printer to get rid of those damn tracks

RWH Tarot - a few more steps taken

RWH Calendar - ordering page updated, one ordering question answered

Email - still hopelessly behind but caught up for the last couple of days. I think.

Writing - None done this weekend... good Ellen! *pats*

Whitney's Commission - Found, organized, must finish color in cat's eyes and then wrap it and put it in envelope w/ other commission to mail. Should include goodies for keeping her waiting so long. Hmmm...

Slide scanning - done!

Dishes - some of them are done...

Organize cards - will do during my scifi TV break.

Killing plants - has gradually occurred without my notice.

Feeding self - shamefully neglected

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