Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

42 below up at our house today, which translates to about 50 below in town.

And I'm at work.

If I was going out in this weather it could at least be somewhere fun like gaming!!

But no, here I am, ready to hack up a lung on my keyboard 'cause I haven't figured how to say no to anyone.


But of course, it's not all bad. Had a nice morning with the sweetie, had a woodfire, and some good cat-time. Had strangely little motivation to art, though I did pull out the supplies twice and look blankly through my half-finished pieces for a while. Cleared off my drafting table, picked up my dirty clothes, did a load of dishes and took some pictures of Jake chopping wood with the thermometer behind him showing 40 below!

The project with Jennie is going bee-ootifully again, I'm very, very excited about it!

Alright, the faster I draft this crap the faster they can change their minds about what they really want sooner I can go home. Off to draft like the wind...

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