Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Some thoughts on my own art.

So I was feeling pretty horrid about my art in general throughout December. Now, in a typical Ellen-swing, I am pleased as punch.

Things I am proud of:

1) I don't draw the same darn thing. I don't think anyone's ever accused me of being boring. Except one guy who said I kept drawing perfect Barbies, but I think he was high. I don't draw ugly people as a rule, but I don't draw a single face-shapes anymore, something I worked /really/ hard at, and I don't even just draw people! I've got furry mammoth-y snow unicorns, and some gryphons and big, plain-faced, smiley Resla, and sometimes dragons, including my cutsey little card dragons, and teensy unicorns hatching out of eggs and dragons blowing northern lights and lotsa stuff... I'm easily most pleased and proud of my creativity.

2) My inking. I like the way my inks tend to come out. I think I have good handle on them. Though I'd like to do more with brave solid blocks of black.

3) Speed. I'm definitely improving in my courage and ability to get things down in a timely way.

4) EMG. That's not art. But I'm still proud of it.

5) Fur. I like the way I render fuzzy things.

Things I am not proud of:

1) Anatomy. I still have lots of issues, particularly with hands, feet, wrists, elbows, hips and shoulders. I would very much like to take a life drawing class next semester. I think I've been saying that for three years straight now. I also need to work on animal anatomy. Some improvement there, but not as much as I'd like.

2) Color. Eh. I'm not horrid, but my lighting could use a *lot* of work. And I know, know, know I should use more references for this and the above point. But I get bored working from life and photos.

3) Composition. I'm improving! But I still don't plan out a drawing like I should. Mostly I doodle and try to think up things to complete a drawing. I want to do more with borders. I want to have better balance in my pieces. Depth has at least improved... I don't keep everything in the same plane anymore.

4) Action! Again, I'm improving... I liked Freedom, in terms of action, and even Bad Snowy, but the Key piece I'm inking is so-so, and even the Woodworks cover is pretty static. (Except for the termites...) Some of that is anatomy... it's easier to fudge things if they're just standing there.

5) Symmetry. I have real issues getting the two sides of a face to match. Hence I'm not letting myself draw many profiles, 'cause it's a cop-out.

6) Non-organic shapes. I suck at straight lines and rigid perspective and non-organic textures. I should draw nothing but sci fi for six months straight. But I don't have *that* kind of discipline.

7) Size. I want to work larger.

8) Mediums. I want to branch out and work in different kinds of medium. Right now, I seem stuck in inks, watercolor and prismas. My painting still pretty much sucks, and I'd like to fix that. And I want to do digital work, too.

9) More. I want more hours in the day so I can do more art.

Even though that 'not proud' list is far longer than the 'proud' list, I'm *pleased* with myself. I've been improving, finally, and able to finish pieces that I'm happy to put my name on. Add to that juggling EMG and work and being very happy in my marriage, and... well, shucks, I'm okay. Sometimes I just gotta write it down, if only so I can reference it when I'm not feeling okay. :)

Cold has been beaten back with double-dose of garlic for lunch! Hah! Vampires would fall down at 40 feet!

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