Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

It's Friday! *dances*

'Lights were out this morning. It was actually gorgeous... pre-dawn light just tinting the mountains to the South-East, a fingernail sliver of a moon in the darker Western sky, green 'lights in a postcard swirl to the North, and Fairbanks like a tangle of Christmas lights in the valley.

Feeling a cold coming on, so I'm bundled up in a warm sweater drinking lemon tea. Jake's had a cough for a few days now and says his chest hurts, and darnit, I think he gave it to me.

Did not, indeed, conquer Rome last night. I did get the covers for vol 1 done, the covers for vol 2 done except that I'm an moron and forgot to print the inside front, so I'll have to run them through and add that, and I got the vol 3 covers laid out and one or two printed, I think. Title and ack. mastered for 1 and 2, so very, very little to get done tonight before printing. Did mail update to all people who ordered. One of my biggest hangups is that I keep getting distracted and wanting to *read* the darn thing instead of just printing out at break-neck speed.


Lemon tea has no caffeine and I'm feeling the loss.

Back feeling surprisingly better, which I didn't expect after last night's work and this morning's general ick feeling.

Beat my inbox back to ~50 yesterday, hope to beat it back to 30 or less today. Still have artists in limbo to take care of, too. V. bad of me. Would very much like to have them sorted out by the time I open new submissions. Almost dreading opening new submissions... have been fielding a lot of queries, some of them very excellent artists, and I have a feeling I'll have my work cut out for me...

I have *got* to go fix up my contact page... so many people think that the contact form is the 'join the mailing list' form that it's almost silly. It must be misleading...


Big job at work today, which is unfortunate, 'cause I have work I can put up on the webpage from here and I'd like to do that. Rats.

To the grind!

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