Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The endless quest for perfection part 732.

Product Changes at EMG!

In my endless quest to offer the very best products possible, I'm making rather sweeping changes to two of my best selling items: cards and bookmarks.

I haven't been satisfied with the lamination border on the bookmarks, or the reproduction quality on either of these products. The old method required printing on un-coated cardstock, which results in a slightly blurred image. I've found a bright, coated cardstock that meets all of my standards and results in an amazing, sharp finish of the same quality as my prints. I will be using this new cardstock for all future cards and bookmarks. A new printing method that it took me far to long to puzzle out results in larger images on the cards, as well.

Additionally, the bookmarks will have their lamination trimmed to the edge and be radius-cut for a beautiful commercial look. They aren't quite as durable with this new method, as the lamination 'seal' is broken and I don't recommend getting them wet. I've been testing them for a couple of months now and don't find them to be fragile, just not quite as sturdy as the original kind. They look so much better that I am willing to accept that decrease in durability.

What about the price?

The good news is, there will be no change in bookmark price. There will also be no change in individual card prices. The packages of cards will be going back up to $15. (Many of you will probably remember that this was the price of the packages a few years back.)

When does this take effect?

Alas, (or perhaps it's a good thing...) I have a fair amount of cards printed in the old method in stock, as well as a box full of bookmarks. The old bookmarks will get the new trim and radius job, but they are still printed on the poorer quality cardstock. Anything ordered that I don't have on hand will be printed in the snazzy new methods starting now, but for a few weeks, I will still be sending out what I've got in stock. Prices will be unchanged until the end of the month, when I will raise the full color card package prices and put any remaining old stock on sale. (There's about a 75% chance that full color card package orders in the meantime will be getting the new cards at the old price...)

Is anything else on sale?

Why yes, since you ask! The Elfwood fundraiser t-shirts are down to slim pickings in terms of sizes and colors, so I am knocking $2 off of the price on all the remaining stock. White t-shirts size S-XL and mousepads are also still on sale! And don't forget about the grab-bag special!

Hate the changes? Love 'em?

I always want to hear your comments and input! Please let me know if you have any complaints or suggestions for anything at EMG!

Be well,
Ellen Million


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