Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sooooo close! Volume 3 is mastered, I was just finishing up the title page, acknowledgements, etc, and the printer just pooped out 'cause color's out, regardless of the fact I'm printing grayscale and don't *need* the stupid color. Damn technology, always thinking it's smarter than me.

But I'm going to take all the volumes (what I've got of them) to DateLine and do a test run anyway. Check out the trim lines and make sure I have the story in order... had a nasty surprise when I couldn't read my thumbnail notes and ran into a duplicate page! Thought I'd royally gummed up the order and would have re-master 3/4 of a volume, but no, I just couldn't tell my 27 from my 23. One page to redo. Soo... off to see if my ink has been delivered, do a test print of all three volumes and fill up the car with gas so I don't die on the side of the road going home tonight. Very good things!

Must remember to return Janice's Win98 disk...

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