Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Stupid Dell!!!

So me, wiz with ye olde screwdriver, I wrestle apart my case (actually quite easy once I realized you pushed, THEN pulled) and get the hard drive in. No problem! Piece-a-cake, I'm on a roll! I get the power hooked up. A little tight, not much wiggle room and the cord's juuuust barely long enough. I go to connect up the cable that talks to the computer... and... it doesn't reach. It doesn't freaking reach!! Not even close! I unhook it from the motherboard as if I can bend the rules of space and time hooking it up in a different order, but noooo... it doesn't even touch, let alone have enough slack to rotate in at the right orientation.



So, since I can't go get a cable (babysitting), and I can't bend the space time continuum with my brain, I gotta reassemble my stupid computer and wait until tomorrow to get a freaking longer cable.


And my back still hurts and I really hate working on these Wish3 masters without being able to SAVE the freaking files. If I knew for sure I had tomorrow off, I'd say screw it and go happily art on the couch for a few hours. I may do that anyway... No, I'll pay artists, THEN I'll go sit on the couch in blissful artopia thinking nothing of rotten short evil bastard cables.

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