Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Gigs and Icons

I have an 80 gig hard drive in hand, with every intension of installing myself rather than paying another $35 and waiting three days to have it installed. It doesn't sound that complicated.

Famous last words, right?

*knocks on wood*

Went to the post office to return the B-3 Bomber jacket I bought for Jake. It was a size too large. :( Hate the post office at lunch. Now have work stuff to do.

Want to art. Badly.

It's like a drug, seriously, give me just a taste over the weekend and now I'm practically falling down from withdrawal....

Does it take long to format a drive? Maybe while it's partitioning or whateverthecrap it does, I can ink more. Muuuuuust iiiiiiiink.

To appease my artgland, I am illicitly making a new icon at work. So there. Can you buy more icon space without buying the rest of the LJ bells and whistles? Honest, I just want more icons... I can live with an ugly journal, 'cause *I* hardly ever look at it. :P
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