Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

A Saturday

Yes, I wrote flamingos! Another 1000 words of ridiculousness. And it was the #SundaySnippet choice at my reader's group, so there will be a short snippet tomorrow that I will repost for non-Facebook people here.

I actually had a pretty good day, some bad news and terrible sales notwithstanding. I got to have lunch with [personal profile] sholio and write on her porch for a bit and it was so nice to socialize and the weather was SO beautiful. We also talked plotty things and I am pretty sure I'm ready to dive into Firebird in EARNEST on Monday. (Except, you know, for all the OTHER things I have to do on Monday.) The writing filter will have GOBS of spoilers for Firebird of Glass, just so you're warned, but I will always put them behind cuts.

Tomorrow is chatting and gaming and probably drawing. I think I will do a firebird bookmark if I do draw.

Daughter has now found and corralled 25 tribbles. "THERE CAN'T BE MORE! Mom, how many tribbles do you have? I know you are hiding them in your closet!" I can honestly deny that I am because they are not in my closet. "THEN WHERE ARE THEY FROM? AAAAHHHHHH THERE'S ANOTHER ONE IN MY DRAWER! HOW DID IT GET IN MY DRAWER?"

Bed now, my eyes are heavy. Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1880111.html (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)
Tags: #sundaysnippet, fae shifter knights, flamingo, tribbles, writing

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