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bored... bored... bored...

Started another article for Woodworks about keeping a sketchbook.

Muse is dead. Tried to work on 'Pity' and 'Seconds' and getting nowhere. I want to be working on my catalog, or drawing. My eyes hurt.




*ahem* Okay, that's out of my system! :P

Melody and I are going to see Little Shop of Horrors tonight; the review in the paper was quite good, and I love that musical!

Marty brought in a Widespread Panic bootleg that I still haven't listened to. Hmmm...

Almost the weekend! Hoorah! Going to the Engineers banquet tomorrow... I never turn down free food, even though I know that the speeches are going to be soooo dull, and all my old professors are going to hassle me about working for an architect. :P

It's a gorgeous day out and there was an amazing sunrise driving into town this morning. It's so wonderful to have daylight to enjoy again!

I have a fieldtrip to carve ice planned for this afternoon. It's kind of cold, though, and my boss is still in a meeting, so it may not happen after all. (My boss is really into supporting the arts and exploring creative sides which is completely awesome and really makes my job bearable... I just have to go into his office and tell him I need to do something creative or I will go mad, and if there isn't a crunch for drafting at the moment, I get to do fun design-type things. My job rocks.)

Blah blah, woof woof...

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