Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Free short story: Breakup

Breakup is a very short story that is now available free at all major retailers: https://books2read.com/breakup

This was originally included in Shape Shifters Vol 1 (now out of print), and is one of my favorite stories (and now one of my favorite covers, as well!). It is haunting and bittersweet, and I wrote it after trying to describe the sound of river ice breaking up in the spring.

(It won third place in a writing contest, but I always feel awkward saying that because I suspect it was one of those contests with three entries and is therefore pretty meaningless...) Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1864964.html (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)
Tags: birch hearts, elva birch, writing

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