Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

It’s weird, being called a ‘woman.’ Am I the only one who still sort of thinks of myself as the 17-year old I was 10 years ago? I’m different, by a long shot, and I (*glances down*) definitely look like a woman, but I just have a moment of ‘who?’ when I hear someone refer to me as ‘that woman’. I’m a girl, aren’t I? I don’t suppose so, at the ripe old age I’ve attained.


Printing out orders, counting out Elfwood shirts, had a looooong talk with my sister, finished a business article for Epilogue (don’t hurt me ciri! I’m not deserting, I promise!), getting ready to do a little announcement to my mailing list for Wish3 and Gemwing. Took Adventurers to be reprinted. Um... worked. Had a lovely lunch with my sweetie at the Grille.

These catalogs of what I did in a day may be painfully boring to read, but I /like/ writing them down. Jake will tell you in a second that I’m very quick to judge myself by what I’ve accomplished in a day, which is probably not the most healthy of outlooks.


*gibbers incoherently for a while*

I can’t *wait* to sleep in tomorrow.

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