Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thank everything it's Friday

Woo... I broke 100k visitors on my Loth gallery counter (since 2000, so I lost 2-3 yrs of hits, but eh...). Pricing Your Art is up at FARP. Three orders out last night, 15 orders to fill. (Eeps...) 10 of those are Wish3, 2 are Elfwood Ts, 1 I need Adventurers for, 1 came in this morning (all coloring books) and... I forget what the other one is. Mostly stationery, I think. Plus a custom mousepads order and some prints via printing services. This is probably a record January even not taking into account Wish3... January is always dead! I wonder if this is delayed returns from all that advertising I did in November and December. Hmm....

Note: Dark Tales has been removed from my page!! Payment for one of the artists was returned, no forwarding address, never had an email for her, and our contract has expired with no way to renew. I have three copies left (maybe 2), and I'm thinking I'll put them up for auction, maybe. Means I'll have to start collecting work for another dark fantasy/goth -themed book, too. Any good ideas for a title?

Oy! Five pages in my inbox again...

Got a little art time last night, and sketched out a possible entry to the Epilogue's tree of renewal contest thingy that's also conveniently part of another one of my heap of projects. We'll see if I actually get it finished... I need to do other stuff more. Like a February Woodworks cover. *gulp*

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