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Stolen from ursulav

Jobs I have loved known...

Cute gimmee-your-money kid (I tried to sell little smelly stickers and flowers and stuff to unwary passersby as an intrepid 7 year old. I still have my 'financial ledgers.' The fact that we lived on a dead-end and had little traffic was a severe dent in my business plan. I made ~$.75, including the dime I found on the ground.)
Housepainter, various odd gardening jobs, mostly for the folks I babysat for.
Admin assistant for big home printing business: Alaskan Angler
Mechanical Team Leader of the Student Rocket Project
Assistant Manager (and summer head-honcho) of the UAF Engineering Machine Shop
Housekeeper, private.
Housesitter (throughout... usually had great jobs for people with aging pets and sweet tvs and whirlpools over Christmas)
Contracted slate tile layer (an maaaan, did that floor look sweet. I wish I had pictures)
Freelance illustrator/printer/will-do-anything-for-cash. Made a bit, got deep personal experience of the feast/famine experience and realized how incredibly frustrating it is to get 95% through a project and have them say, that's not right, *this* is how we want this rendering, yeah, we told you something else, couldn't you read our minds? Fix it, but we aren't going to pay you any more. (I'm now working for this company... on an *hourly* basis.) I also took commissions on the side since... oh, somewhere after babysitter, but they were sparse. This is the only time I attempted to solely subsist on art and EMG. I got published a bit in small press 'zines for pay, but at $5-$25 a pop, it wasn't going to pay the bills.
Design Alaska: drafter, graphic designer, computer tech and general 'ohgodeverythingisgoingwrongwhodowhecall' girl. Am now senior in the drafting dept, have gotten raises and bonuses every year, work a flexible hourly schedule and get paid overtime. As much as I'd like to be drawing fantasy art instead of buildings, this is a sweet deal and if I complain too much, smack me.
Housebuilder. (I'm putting this down 'cause darnit, that was a lot of work!) New construction, from design to nailing together walls to insulating, vapor barrier-ing, wiring, trenching, stairbuilding...

I don't know how impressive a resume that would make, but I feel well-rounded. :)

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