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February in Review

February in review:

February pretends to be a month, even though it’s short, and I did pretty well, considering. I wrote about 19k on The Dragon Prince’s Bride (finishing it!), then revised it and sent it off for first readers. I revised Fire Control to the tune of about 3k new words (also finished!), wrote eight pieces of flash fiction for Prompted 2 (4500 words in total, it is also done!), and instead of doing the next project that I probably ought to be working on, I dove directly into the next Suddenly Shifters novella, Abruptly a Bear and wrote 3750 on it, for a total word count of just over 30k.

March goals:

I want to continue my slow-and-steady rate of 1000 words/day, because it does (eventually) get the work done. After I’ve finished Abruptly a Bear, I plan to revise and expand a few novellas (Throw Me a Bone and All Manner of Hats in particular), revise The Dragon Prince’s Bride, and maybe start in on Firebird of Glass (this is going to be a helluva book). I also have a few releases penciled into my calendar: specifically Prompted 2 and Better Half... if I ever get my laptop back (day 8). I expect that The Dragon Prince’s Bride will release in late April (I’m braced for big edits).

I am pulling Shape Shifters down in order to put some of the individual stories up in Kindle Unlimited. I love this collection madly, but Amazon refuses to admit that someone may actually search for it and want to find it, and only some of the stories can be offered in KU. So I’ll be doing a polish run and re-release of several of the individual stories, in a new series of shorts and novellas I’m tentatively calling Birch Bits. After I’ve got enough out, I’ll collect them thematically.

I also plan to go for walks, woo the birbs (they will eat from my hand and stand on my head now), belly dance, do the Sketch Fest Blowout, set up Shifting Sands tees, and of course, homeschool. Many things are laptop dependent. Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1815245.html (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)
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