Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Snow, Sleep, Shrews and Art Stuff

Bleh... sneezy and drippy today. But I get massaged and chiro-ed this afternoon, and it's probable that I'll have tomorrow off (plus the following four days!!! Wow!), so I'm not grousing too much.

Finished... or at least partly finished... the Peacock Fairy last night while watching Dreamkeeper (Lovely show, I enjoyed it enormously, but have a feeling it would have been a lot better without poor reception snow blurring all the cool visual effects). It could be finished, but I'm looking at the darkest bits and thinking the rest of it needs more eye-popping shading, too. It reads a little gray when you squint at it. I'm going to scan as-is for possible coloring book use and may go back and tweak further with more dark ink. I /really/ want to tackle it with prismas. Really rich, deep greens and brilliant jewel tones, and a swirly magenta sunset in the background, and purple mountains. Oh, and I'm going to use the wand/feather/beads border as a stationery design. Absolutely.

Have a kick-ass idea and several thumbnail sketches for a possible Woodworks cover. Not the February Immortality cover (I'm still debating coloring the left two panels of that triptych for that one...), but for the compendium cover that ciri mentioned tentatively using Freedom for. It would be a little more literature, woodsy-focused, and have a dryad and lots and lots of birch trees and rose hips and autumn colors and I /really/ want to work on it now instead of drafting stupid schools. Five-day weekend, look out!

It's been snowing, and everything is soft and lovely.

*grin* Was vastly entertained by a shrew this morning. When I walked outside, the porchlight came on, and a little shrew, much startled, took off across the snow away from the house. It apparently had a very ill-thought escape plan, and scampered perhaps two yards and took a nosedive and scramble-dig into the snowbank. It was possibly the funniest thing I've seen in a week, the little shrew tail sticking out of the snow, barely dug in enough that his butt was covered. He couldn't get very deep, and just froze there. I was horribly tempted to reach down and grab him by his unconcealed tail just to watch him freak out, but I figured that would be animal cruelty. (Shrews, in case you aren't familiar with them, are itsy-bitsy mice-like rodents, this guy was about two inches long.)

Maybe I'm just easily amused.

Had horrible, horrible sleep last night. Horrible. Didn't fall asleep until about 1, woke again about 3 with no blankets, again about 5, had dreadful dreams, and Velcro decided to come into the bedroom and meow demandingly 1 minute before the alarm went off at quarter to 7. I'm still puzzled by that one. She never meows at night (a welcome change from Macs, I might add). She didn't have another thing to say until much later in the morning when she usually gets fed.

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