Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I have done little besides nap and watch the boobtube the past three days. I must be feeling better because I feel horribly, painfully guilty for not moving forward on the six million projects I have queued up.

To make myself feel better, I have compiled accomplishments of 2003:

It's homey. It may not be finished or anything, but looking at photos of it a year ago, we /have/ actually made progress. And we do have an outhouse now!

Actually Finished Art:
Cat and Sorceress (color!)
Unicorn Key
Hang in There
Bad Snowy (color!)
Mermaid Key
Freedom (color!)
Cold Comfort
Tree Outside of Time (color!)
Northern Lights II (color!)
About 50 sketches and otherwise useful doodles. Plus lots of not-useful doodles.

Grab Your Torches
Scams and Spams
Pricing Your Work
Just Do It
Getting Freebies
How Not to Get What you Want
Art Files

EMG redesign, twice, thanks largely to Jennie, but with no lack of sweat at my end.
Buttloads of updates
(edit: I suppose that adding stickers, magnets and t-shirts to my product line is worth a mention, too.)
ellen.ellenmilliongraphics.com in entirety.
Completely coded the submission upload site, the printfile upload site and redid on-line contracts at least twice. Resultant system is sweet. Still haven't moved over all the existing contracts, but it will be a snap to when I have a few hours of uninterupted time. I could get a trained monkey to do it. I wouldn't mind having a trained monkey...

Kaz Fiction:
No Promises
Brewing 2
Nothing's Fair
Various bits of group pieces

12 months of horoscopes
Discovered joys and happiness of full use of neck thanks to chiro.
Bought second vehicle.

Other Fiction:
J/B: Elemental
J/B: Frozen
A couple-a silly poems
The Stone Foot

And probably more I haven't thought of.

Not bad. :)

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