Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Entirely random notes to self

It would be so easy to be the crazy lady with the cats. I must remember not to be afraid to interact, to pay attention. I can be social if I can pay attention. I can say things that aren't dumb as rocks if I'm not thinking about seven other things during a conversation. Am I really so selfish that I can't give someone a few minutes of my undivided attention once in a while in the name of being friendly?

I am bound to this land, find it difficult to uproot. Find it strange when people can simply decide to travel, at the drop of a hat, just like that.

Need to write to Jennie. Miss Jennie. Need to be there for Jennie. Hard times and holidays.

APPOINTMENT: 30th, 4 PM, massage and alignment, followed by a luxurious 4 day weekend. Not really sure how I managed /that/ timing, but am v. happy about it. Paid bills today, and v. happy about that, too. Remember how it feels to be owed money when you have it, darn it. Dawdled on these too long thinking I had long since made my deductible. One of these days I ought to pull out my records for the whole year and make sure my niggling little feeling that I'm being cheated isn't right.

Inbox being overwhelming again. Or still.

Jake has the day off, the lucky sot. Pressed snooze for about an hour before I got up this morning.


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