Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

October is over... November plans

October...was a month. I got a week in and hit an absolute wall. I mean, I kind of smelled the burning gears in September, and it was wise of me to re-kajigger my schedule to drop an entire book at that time, but it was pretty much too little too late by that point, and after weepingly editing six chapters of Gryphon of Glass, I realized that maybe I needed a break.

And it was a glorious break.

I played piano and went for walks and took a few hundred photos. I drew some pictures (not a dedicated monthly challenge, just whatever I wanted), and read part of a book for fun, and refused to feel guilty. I was still teacher-mom and cleaner of houses and fixer of things and maker of fires and cooker of food, but it wasn't interspersed with any of my usual self-slave-driving. I did do too much doomsurfing occasionally, but even that I was able to throttle back on.

Towards the end of the month, I got a copyedit done for someone else, wrote five pieces of flash fiction, and started to feel that familiar chomping at the bit to get back to real work.

So...not a lot of progress to report. (I haven't looked at Gryphon of Glass again, so I have no idea if the edits I made at the beginning of the month were even worth anything.)

For November, I have a story due at the end of the month, and I will make that my only priority. It's a 10k minimum, but I suspect it will be a little longer...maybe 15k? I've got about 2k already and I'm aiming at 1-2k a day until it's done, which should leave plenty of time for edits.

Then I will pick up Gryphon again and hammer out the edits. After that, I am either going to go immediately on to Firebird of Glass (if inspired) or switch to The Dragon Prince's Bride, which I am dying to write again. (And I apologize in advance to my characters. #sorrynotsorry)

I have no art goals, no marketing goals, no other writing expectations. If I don't even get to Gryphon of Glass this month, so be it.

What are your plans for the month? Anyone doing NaNoWriMo? Originally posted at Dreamwidth: https://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1768554.html (I'm more likely to reply to comments there!)
Tags: #sorrynotsorry, month in review, monthly roundup

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