Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Is it after Christmas? Can I sleep yet?


Actually, I generally get plenty of sleep, and would have last night too, if I hadn't woken up at about 4 and been Wide Awake for Far Too Long. But I did figure out a plot hurdle that has had me stumped for months and months on a Kaz story, so I guess there's a bright side.

Had a beautiful weekend, took All of Saturday off and met mizkit and Ted for lunch at Gulliver's, which was wonderful and we talked books and reading habits. Then went to gaming, which is also always fun, though I often feel a little... erm... socially clumsy.

Have to buy Jake some pop rox for Christmas. Can you believe he's never tried them? Everyone's got to at least /try/ them. I don't recommend using them to supplement a diet, but man, there's nothing like little pressurized pockets of gas dissolving into your mouth. Or whatever they are. They tickle.

Chewing over what to do for the Feb Woodworks cover, theme: Immortality. I kinda like the left two panels of the triptych that I posted last, or even the Tree Outside of Time piece that I did (which I can't use 'cause it's not new, I'm sure...). Maybe a different rock-face-piece. Maybe... I dunno. I'll have to doodle. Ideas welcome.

Speaking of, did much doodling at gaming and on Saturday, and posted one piece over at snowunicorn. And I'm delinquent in thanking people for comments on the last bit of art I posted here. I /always/ appreciate it, people. I just suck at replying. I'll definitely work on finishing the peacock fairy.

Two leetle orders to get out tonight and then it's home early (no bible study for the sister tonight).

Our Christmas tree is wonderful and cheerful and happy, and Jake says he's gotten me the best presents he's ever managed to pick out, and he wants to give them to me Right Now. We'll be strong and hold out, of course, but it's so much fun anticipating... :)

I won't say what I got him here, lest he happen across it (which I doubt), but I think he'll like his gifts too. We didn't have any wrapping paper when I wanted to wrap mine, so I used the butcher paper the tree was wrapped in, leftover red vapor barrier tape and drew on some of the presents with oil pastels. (A happy penguin on one, a 'Christmoose' on one, and some holly on another.)

On a related note, I suck and have not sent out any of my to-be-mailed-gifts. They'll be January presents. Yeah.

Blah blah blah... this is too long as it is, so I'll end here.

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