Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Head still hurting... dosing with caffiene and wondering if I can take pain pills without getting sick this early in the morning. Bleh... It's been since last Tuesday, I think, that this one has been hanging on. Usually they don't last this long, chosing to be spectacular three-hour agonies as opposed to dangly, minorly miserable annoyances. I prefer the three-hours-of-kill-me-now and then gone variety.

Satisfied with update progress yesterday, kicking myself for forgetting to bring my backpack in to town today. (Have to reprint those darn mousepad transfers... oh well, they're popular designs, they won't go to waste.) Had serious writing mojo throughout yesterday and it was everything I could do not to screw off and go scribble.

Read in the evening, 'cause I couldn't concentrate on anything creative. Fluffy historical romance stuff, nothing of note, but fun. I like stories about Scots, having married one. :) (He even plays the bagpipes, or can, we don't have any...)

Back to work.

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