Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Wednesday daily update

*gingerly touches head* Please stop hurting, nice head! I promise I'll be good to you...


Seven new designs up at EMG, but some of them are tricky multiple-design entries, so I think they should count as more. :P

Wish-wish-wish that Jake's computer would read discs so that I could put up Sylver's work and Jennie's climber and some other stuff I have only on disc, but I'll be happy if I get through what I've got here that I can do...

Random music recommendation: String Cheese Incident, Sirens. It's on the disc Untying the Not, the rest of which is pretty iffy, but Sirens is just awesome.

Day off from work (hence the massive update effort...), about ready to go visit the frosty outhouse and nuke me up some lunch so I can take some pain medicine.

One relatively simple order to put out today, and in case you were considering: today is the LAST day to order via priority mail and expect to get giftses by Christmas. Second day air orders need to be placed by Monday the 22nd.

All the gnus that's gnus...

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