Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

La la la...

Okay! Instead of jumping into serializing Torn World this year, I'm going to make things easier on me and do a bi-monthly Kaz serial that I've already got started anyway. That should get two birds with one stone and satisfy my deep-seated need for putting out a serial as well as get these darn stories finished. Yeah, that's the ticket...

Put up a long-overdue FAQ at EMG. Hopefully it's entertaining without being too casual. I've had input that implies people /like/ the casual, friendly tone of the site. (My fine print usually gets an appreciative comment every so often</a> and I got the /nicest/ email yesterday from an artist saying they liked the atmosphere and my personal touch with patrons. *preen*)

My head hurts. It's time to go fetch food.
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