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Monday mornings always kick my butt.

Page and pages behind on my friendslist. If I've missed commenting on something, forgive me. I hope you know by now that I'm not into intentionally ignoring anybody...

And because I didn't know where else to stick this number:

Ya know, my back hurts. I should schedule to go see the chiro this week, if I can. I owe them money... stupid insurance company and their ridiculous deductibles...

Four smallish orders to fill tonight. Really, really, really hoping that Becca gets the kids down before she leaves. I didn't sign on for the /hard/ parts of babysitting, just being baby-monitor, and I'll be peeved if I can't get orders out tonight. Peeved, I tell you.

In other news, a thread on the Woodworks forum about publishing a serial novel makes me really, really, really want to put out Torn World in a serial form, re-writing the crap I've got now and putting out a short story a month next year. With one illustration apiece, at least. Probably not through Woodworks, seeing as there are better writers who probably already have the material completed, but through my own page, at least. I suppose I should see about finishing some of the many, many projects I'm halfway through before I start ambitious stuff like that... *sigh*

I need more hours in the day.

The Inbox over-floweth...

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