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End of Sketchbook Self-Critique

Things I need to improve in my art:

+Hands. Little green gods, my hands *still* suck. Badly. I intend to sit down with that whopper of a JCPenny's catalog and draw hands until my fingers cramp.

+Composition. I think my pictures need more serious thought to framing and design.

+Color. *sighs* Mostly a lack of time and effort. There is NOTHING in my last sketchbook in color, which I find distressing and terrible.

+Ink. Ditto. No, wait, there is one piece half-inked in this sketchbook. Gah... *is disappointed in self*

+Finishing. See above two points.

+Children. I've been trying to draw them a bit lately, and I just don't hang out with/have pictures of enough of them.

+Continuity. This is the first time (except for ElfQuest fanart, which is a totally different ballpark) that I've tried to draw the same character over and over and over again... I must have about 50 drawings of Resla, maybe more, and she doesn't look alike enough throughout them. I mean, you recognize her, because of her hair and clothes, but otherwise, I need a lot of work in keeping features the same.

+Backgrounds. I guess I've improved a little, but not enough, because I haven't been practicing enough at ALL. Backgrounds are kinda tricky with pencils, too... all that smudging! Eek...

+Anatomy. I really, really, really need more anatomy work. Really.

+Animals. Not enough practice. There are almost none in this sketchbook. A few dragons and a whole bunch of fire-lizards, but very few other animals. I need to get my snowies back up to par.


Things I am finally improving on.

+Interaction. I used to be terrified of drawing two people in one picture, because they were *never* to the same scale. I have gotten over that fear, to a certain degree, though it still needs serious refinement.

+Expressions. I un-humbly think this is one of my strong points.

+Poses. They aren't great. In fact a lot of them are seriously anatomically WRONG. However, I'm getting a lot bolder with them, so this goes in my plus column.

+Ideas. I really like the ideas behind most of these pictures. They're fun to look at. They tell stories. I *like* that.

+Noses. They aren't great, but I've made progress. Which is good.

+Clothing. Of course, a lot of it is trying to draw the same outfit several times, and learning what works. But there are also a couple of new costumes

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