Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Ode to Loki and no webpage updates.

I've been too busy at work to get the webpage updated, and every EMG second has been spent getting orders out. Which is good, I suppose, but no less frustrating. I got everything out in the mail last night (just one t-shirt to press in about 15 minutes, already printed and invoiced), so hopefully I'll have some time to work on it this weekend. *crosses fingers* Got some of Marilyn's, Socar's and Jennie's shopping carts coded. Still have some artists in the submission loop that I need to take care of. Eep.

I did write a silly short poem for Ursula, whose cat has been under the weather in a final-days kind of way...

Ode to Loki

All I know of you, O' feline,
Are stories from your catbox cleaner.
(For all I know, she might be lyin',
You may be smarter, sweeter, leaner.)

I know you liked to lick a brick
And weren't particularly quick.
Your funky blood and portly size
Were written so I held my sides.

Tales of your quirks will last,
Long after mortal life is past.
Your owner's words have captured you;
Your passing many folks will rue.

(c) 2003 Ellen Million

I'm still hoping, of course, for a last moment health turn-around, but everything holds true whether the poor fellow passes today, tomorrow, or three years from now. Fond wishes and much sympathy during this tough time, Ursula.

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